Saturday, November 22, 2008

How to meet your neighbours by happygoatsoap

The photos are 1. Pricilla 2. Abby and Pricilla on their spools 3. Michael and Luke, starting from the bottom towards the top.

And so the city girl moved to the country and her husband said,

"Let there be goats."And there were goats.

Two of them; Priscilla and her daughter, Abigail. They moved to their new home and the new owners, Patty and John, were happy.But goats are highly intelligent creatures who dislike change.

Priscilla and Abigail were not at all sure about these new owners or this new part of town and so they jumped over the fence. Again and again and again. Patty and John were distraught because they thought they were doing everything they could to make a happy home for their new goats.

Priscilla and Abigail kept trying to run back to their old home. The neighbors would see Priscilla, Abigail, John, Patty and Fred the cat running up the street. Fortunately, the goats would always get distracted by weeds on the side of the road and stop to eat. This enabled John to catch them and bring them back to the yard.

One night the neighbor's horse also escaped and John and Patty met their neighbors as the each ran opposite to each other trying to catch their animals. What a way to meet the neighbors!But now Priscilla and Abigail are all settled in at the Happy Goats Farm and have been joined by Priscilla's son Michael and another buck Luke.

They are all Nigerian Dwarf goats a smaller breed originally brought to North America from Africa. They are a perfect size for a small dairy goat farm. Priscilla is pregnant and will have kids in April.

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fredcat said...

Well, I will tell you that Pricilla, Abigail, Michael and Luke are just thrilled with all fo this attention. I am not sure I will be able to keep them "down on the farm" now that they think they are famous.
Patty and the goats

goooooood girl said...

your blog is very fine......