Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wonderful Person Alert

Accesorizmecrafty is a super wonderful person and deserves to be in the spotlight. She doesn't sell soap, or anything related, but she does sell some very cute pillow huggies.

I bought some off of her a bit ago. I got chilli pepper ones.

I wanted to take a moment to thank Accesorizmecrafty for her friendship and generosity. I recently entered my baby girl Missy ( dog), in a contest for the SPCA where pay to vote and the money goes to helping other animals in need.

My baby girl had no votes, then accesorizmecrafty asked for the link and to my surprise she not only voted she donated a very generous amount towards the cause too!

She is such a nice lady, I remember the first night I met her online. We were practically alone in a room and we started chatting and she bought a collage sheet off of me so i could buy something for my grandfather. I was so grateful for the thought I returned the favor later and and bought some pillow huggies as a gift.

They were sewn with care and looked wonderful.

She is a super nice lady, who takes the time to chat with you and shes always in cheery mood.

I am fortunate to have her as a friend.

Please, could everyone take a moment to look at her shop.

Thanks so much for stopping by.,

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Ok peeps heads up but some of my favorite soap artists have a listing in the vote for your favourite!

I wont tell you who to vote for cause that would mean i play favs and i dont do that, but I will let you know to look for mybirch and blsoaps, whom which both have a listing up. Heres the link to go cast your vote, please take a momemt to do this for them, thanks a bunch!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just to keep it interesting

I decided to offer a different give away with my usual body product give away. This one is from Lil Dab Designs

She sells all sorts of things, please stop buy and check out her shop.

The give away is for one chocolate bracelet. When you buy anything from the clothes pin clips

You get one entry for every item you buy, and if you by the necklace that matches the bracelet you get 5 entries.

This give away will run from Feb 19 to March 19 , lildab will be keep track of sales.

If you have any question please drop myself or lildab a line.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

freebie from Suebeebuzz

Sue said that if u mention my name in the comments box with your purchase she will throw in a lip balm free. Trust me you want a lip balm, they are yummy!

New Features Soap Artist and Give away Feb 17 to March 17

OK, so this time I got the new features artist up on time but I didn't blog her or the new give away. So I'm late again :P I've been a busy girl.

A few posts ago I blogged about Suebeebuzz and her amazing Balm of Gilead, and what it did for my itchy elbows. After that i decided she was going to be my next featured seller.

I seriously think everyone should order at least a sample of her balm of Gilead to try out and her lip balm too because its truly wonderful.

I love the smell of the lip balm she sent to me to try out it was a tea, mint orange scent blend, and every time i use it i want to eat it.

I love her Balm of Gilead so much I started using it as a moisturizer too. Suebeebuzz said that people also used it for that purpose too, and me being the skin nerd that I am, had to try it out that way too. I love how soft and comfortable my skin is afterward, and a little goes along way too.

She gave me samples of some of her other products when I purchased the 2 full sized containers of Balm of Gilead, one of them being Tamanu Scar/ Burn/ Infection Salve, which I used on my leg when I ripped the top layer of skin off and it was not healing properly. ( it was a bit itchy and I kept scratching it and ripping it open again.) The sore area healed up pretty quick after the application and the area was not sore or itchy anymore, which was a serious relief.

I have sensitive skin, so new products are a bit of a concern for me when I decide to try them out. With Suebeebuzz's salves I do not have to worry about this because they are all natural and gentle to the skin which is truly wonderful for a person with fussy skin.

Now for the good stuff!

I want to share her salves with a lucky winner, so my next give away will be for 1 full sized container of one of Suebeebuzz's salves.

I am also going to do a second give away for anyone who purchases an item from Suebeebuzz's shop. When you make your purchase please type in Chroma , or convo my name to her after you pay and she will let me know, and for those who make a purchase between now then the draw date will have an opportunity to win a Salve as well.

Thanks for stopping by, please pass the word about my blog.

Goats milk lavender soap

My friend Mbell34

sells soap, among other things in here shop. I have not tried them yet but I do think they are so pretty I wanted to share them with people. Please take a moment to check out her shop, and if you buy one of her soaps please leave a comment here to share with the rest of us what you think of her soaps. Id love to hear from you.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

February give away winner

Congradulations Cootiepants you won the February give away for one body butter and lip balm from mybirch and 1 scrubbie kit from 2kute!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Heathen's Hearth: Everything But the Bathtub! February Give Away!

Heathen's Hearth: Everything But the Bathtub! February Give Away!: "2 ounces of Clarifying Shampoo
2 ounces of Moisturizing Conditioner
2 sampler cubes of Soap (Goats milk, shea butter or glycerin - your choice)
2 sampler Scrub Cubes
2 sampler Bath Melts
2 ounces of Bath Salts
1 ounce of Scrumptious Sugar Scrub
1 ounce of Body Frosting
1 ounce of Massage Oil
1 .25 ounce jar of Lip Balm

This is over $20 worth of fantastic handmade bath products!!"

Heathen's Hearth Everything But the Bathtub" Give - Away!

I would like to take a moment to promote another give-away by 2 good friends of mine. Since she sells body products and that's what shes giving away its appropriate for my blog.

I haven't tried her items yet, but i know they sell quite a bit and people have told me that they make excellent products.

Be sure to stop by their blog and enter their give-away.

Here is what they are giving away.........

2 ounces of Clarifying Shampoo
2 ounces of Moisturizing Conditioner
2 sampler cubes of Soap (Goats milk, shea butter or glycerin - your choice)
2 sampler Scrub Cubes
2 sampler Bath Melts
2 ounces of Bath Salts
1 ounce of Scrumptious Sugar Scrub
1 ounce of Body Frosting
1 ounce of Massage Oil
1 .25 ounce jar of Lip Balm

This is over $20 worth of fantastic handmade bath products!!

Click here to

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Peppermint Frost Lip Balm

Well I finally ran out of the lip balm I was using by mybirch. I really liked it and I think that it is worth buying in the future.

Now I am using one by Skin Essentials Called Peppermint Frost. This one had Shea Butter in it and comes with a SPF 15. I like how it feels. It goes on smooth and makes my lips feel very soft, smooth and comfortable. There is a light cool minty feeling to it as well that I really enjoy.

Skin Essentials make their lip balms with high quality Shea butter, avocado oil, and beeswax.

The balm lasts a very long time, and I find I only need to apply it a few times a day. I don't really like it when I have to reapply many times in one hour, with the store brands I always feel like my lips are dry again 20 minutes later. So I find this benefit a definite plus.

Skin Essentials offers a variety of flavor including:

Peppermint Frost
Latte Cream
Coconut Lemongrass
Cucumber Melon
Lime - vegan (specify vegan)

If you don't see something that tempts you, just ask Carol and if she is able to offer the flavor she will happily accommodate your request.

The essential oil (Neo Heliopan) is what gives this lip balm a SPF 15 according to the supplier of the essential oil. Most other products I've tried that contained SPF felt mucky to me, this one felt very "clean" and I couldn't tell that there was a SPF in there at all which is wonderful. Nothing like wearing a wax pack on your mouth, right? This lip balm did not feel waxy at all!

If your courious about this product, here is a link to listing.

Don't for get to tell Carol I sent you please.

Thanks for stopping by!