Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Features Soap Artist and Give away Feb 17 to March 17

OK, so this time I got the new features artist up on time but I didn't blog her or the new give away. So I'm late again :P I've been a busy girl.

A few posts ago I blogged about Suebeebuzz and her amazing Balm of Gilead, and what it did for my itchy elbows. After that i decided she was going to be my next featured seller. http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=110805

I seriously think everyone should order at least a sample of her balm of Gilead to try out and her lip balm too because its truly wonderful.

I love the smell of the lip balm she sent to me to try out it was a tea, mint orange scent blend, and every time i use it i want to eat it.

I love her Balm of Gilead so much I started using it as a moisturizer too. Suebeebuzz said that people also used it for that purpose too, and me being the skin nerd that I am, had to try it out that way too. I love how soft and comfortable my skin is afterward, and a little goes along way too.

She gave me samples of some of her other products when I purchased the 2 full sized containers of Balm of Gilead, one of them being Tamanu Scar/ Burn/ Infection Salve, which I used on my leg when I ripped the top layer of skin off and it was not healing properly. ( it was a bit itchy and I kept scratching it and ripping it open again.) The sore area healed up pretty quick after the application and the area was not sore or itchy anymore, which was a serious relief.

I have sensitive skin, so new products are a bit of a concern for me when I decide to try them out. With Suebeebuzz's salves I do not have to worry about this because they are all natural and gentle to the skin which is truly wonderful for a person with fussy skin.

Now for the good stuff!

I want to share her salves with a lucky winner, so my next give away will be for 1 full sized container of one of Suebeebuzz's salves. http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=110805

I am also going to do a second give away for anyone who purchases an item from Suebeebuzz's shop. When you make your purchase please type in Chroma , or convo my name to her after you pay and she will let me know, and for those who make a purchase between now then the draw date will have an opportunity to win a Salve as well. http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=110805

Thanks for stopping by, please pass the word about my blog.

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suebee said...

this has been a great way to advertise, it has really helped people to find me! Thanks for the sales!
Blessings suebee