Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bee Balm Soap

Talk about long lasting! I swear I thought this bar would never get used up. I love the soap too. The soap offered good lather, soft skin, zero reaction and if your scent sensitive, this bars for you.

I can't really describe the scent, its more like abscent of scent if you can imagine what they might be like. But if you want a scent, just ask, because is very accomidating.

What I liked about this soap was that it was simple and gentle. The fact that the bar just lasts practically forever gives it extra dollar appeal for sure.

You might also notice that the soap has a very mild exfoliating action. Don't worry if you have sensitive skin, it's a very gentle exfoliating action.

I recomend you try this soap at least once, plain and once in the scent of your choice so you can see for yourself.

So I guess I should also tell you about the benefits of bee balm right? OK, here you go, all you ever wanted to know about bee balm.

Bee Balm is a plant that was used often, both medicinally and as a beverage by American Indians and by the European settlers in America. Today, Bee Balm is still used widely for a variety of medicinal purposes, and limited testing has shown that it does have some benefits as a remedy for quite a few common medical complaints.

Bee Balm has shown some merit as an antiseptic and antibacterial, and a clean cloth can be soaked in a tea and used as a compress, or an ointment can be made to help relieve pain and speed healing for minor wounds, insect stings, and for relief of eczema, psoriasis, cold sores, and clearing up acne.

I only talk about the products I like, so If I say its a good buy, it's a good buy!

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2kute said...

one more for my "I-got-try-this-one" list
great review

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2kute is all over the place!!!

Great blog!

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