Tuesday, October 28, 2008


My first pick for "What soap am I using this week?" is Lemon Grass soap by skinessentials.etsy.com .

I love the scent of this soap. It had a nice lemon scent that is just strong enough for you to enjoy without over-powering you in the shower. My whole bathroom was infused with lemon grass and I would find myself taking a deep breath every time I went into my bathroom. I love this soap I will be buying myself more later.

This soap offers a mild exfoliation with the small bits of lemon grass in the bar. If your skin is very sensitive to exfoliation you might want to ask skinessentials.etsy.com if she is able to make you a bar without the lemon grass pieces. I loved the exfoliating acting, I found it was just the right amount of scrub without hurting my skin.

There was nice lather too.

This bar lasted me 1 week. I had a hard time stopping with the lather-up. It smelled so good I wanted to keep going , so this bar will probably last you a bit longer. You shouldn't let the soap sit in water, since it will reduce the life of the soap because it doesn't have any detergents in it which is what makes commercially produced stuff stay hard! By keeping your bar dry in between uses, it will extend your soaps shelf life. Please realize, your bar will last longer then a week, I really over lathered with it and used it up much quicker then normal.

What can I say, I just really loved the scent, and how soft and wonderful it made my skin feel.

You should consider this bar for your next, or first, handmade bar soap purchase.

The owner of skinessentials.etsy.com is very friendly and offers great communication too. Let her know that Chroma sent you, maybe she will send me a surprise in the mail ;)

Visit Skin Essentials by clicking on this link!


Why should you consider purchasing from Skin Essentials, besides her great soap?

She offers a Customer appreciation program: Buy 10 and the 11th bar is free!

Can't go wrong with that!


jamie said...

I was here to stare at your soap.

Lisa @ Serah's said...

The lemongrass fragrance is one of my favorites!