Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Balm of Gilead

Never in my life have I tried something so effective for eczema. I have it on my elbow. I started having problems with it when I started working in a bar. I no longer work in a bar, but I still have the eczema.

Never having skin issues such as this before, I was pretty upset when this started showing up. I tried everything under the sun to assist with the quick removal of the offending itch. I have a background in skin care so I should have been able to deal with it quickly.

Nope, the nasty offending sight would not cooperate!

I was brousing the shops in chat one night on Etsy and found a small sections of salves which looked instresting. I asked a few questions, thought what the heck and orders a few samples.

When I got the Balm of Gilead in I smeared it on my elbow right away and the itch stopped. I was happy to just not have that annoying itch on my then ripped apart elbow. Don't tell Carol, I promised I wouldn't scratch anymore!

The next morning I woke up and the eczema on my elbow was almost gone, just a few little bumps and that was about it. Application number 2 took care of the rest!

My elbow is now free from my annoying itchy ugly pest!

I have never been more impressed with a product before in my life. This stuff is wonderful and a definate must have staple for my bathroom. I had to order the full sized product right away.

I just had share this product with everyone. You must try it out.

Its good for other problems too, at the very least, check out the listing and ask Suebeebuzz some questions. She's super nice and easy to talk too.

Here's the link. If you buy it post your thoughts, I would love to hear some feedback from other people. Balm of Gilead

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Happy Cloud Moments said...

Thanks for sharing! Going to order some :)

Aquarian Bath said...

All of Sue's salves are excellent. Her son's doctor actually promotes her balms. I have used all of her balms over the last 3 years or so. There is a lavender burn salve that is excellent. Her lip balms are great also. Sue is a great person. Thanks for promoting her.

janis said...

I have used the Balm of Gilead and i highly recommend it. CONGRATULATION SUE!!!!!!!! I moved from Lumberton and personally know Sue. All her products are heartmade. Last time I saw her kitchen it looked more like a little lab. Her products are all natural. I got an email from her today and that is how I found your sight. That reminds me I could sure use her balm right now for my dry skin. thnx janis