Thursday, January 15, 2009

After Christmas Now I'm Broke Blues Give Away

OK so I'm a few days late getting my next featured seller and give away up. I've been busy with my graphics and work. Only so many hours in the day and night to get things done, and people are already convinced I don't sleep as it is , LOL.

Well here it is, the new featured seller for one month, and my next give away too!

The featured seller and give away will run from today till Feb. 15, just to keep it fair. is my next featured seller, she's been waiting her turn very quietly, and I am most happy to reward that by offering a extra special give away this time.

This give away is for 1 Body Butter and one lip balm from MyBirch and just to make it a little nicer, one soap saver kit from 2kute. The soap saver includes one soap saver pouch and one scrubbie.

So if you want to get in on the give away all you need to do is follow my blog.

Thanks for visiting.

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Man MyBirchs stuff looks awesome!