Thursday, December 11, 2008

Inferno Soap

I while ago I ordered 30 soap samples from . The day they came in, my mother, the soap theif, looked over my shoulder as I was sorting through them. I went to go check on my dogs and my mom started looking through them. When I got back she had a stack over to one side and a pretty orange soap sample in her hand.

My mother was going to take my soap! ah no! I already knew I liked the inferno soap smell and was excited to try it out first so there was no way she was walking away with my inferno soap sample. My mother was not going to give it up, I ended up having to trade her off with another soap sample I really didn't want to part with either. She took my Tobacco Flower soap sample,, well I never got to try that one, but I can tell you as odd as the name might sound, it had a very nice scent.

After I managed to get my inferno soap back, my mother still had a stack of soap off to the side that she was guarding and wouldn't let me touch. She was determined to steal my soap from me! In the end I had to part with another soap , and this time it was Morning Mist.

Both soaps I had to trade off had a very nice scent and I really didn't want to give any up, but she's my mom and, well, she wasn't going away empty handed.

Honeslty, there wasn't one soap in the lot that I didn't like.

So, let's talk about Inferno soap.

What a wonderful smelling soap! It had a citus smell, with a bit of something else to it that I couldn't quite place. I will have to order more quickly, since it's limited edition. :( I hope will be able to bring this soap back when she runs out in the future.

This soap left my skin soap, and lathered up wonderfully. I noticed that the soap was a bit softer then some of the others I used, so when you use it, keep that in mind. The soap had a silky like feel to it when you use it too.

I really enjoyed this soap and I am sad to say It's all gone now. But I just checked and she does have one bar in stock, which I plan on purchasing after I right this blog up. You can convo her and ask if she has anymore left to sell, if I don't get to it first!

Even if she doesn't all the soap I bought had a great scent and I'm sure you will be able to find another one to try out.

Please send me your blogs about any soaps you have tried from any of the soap seller I have blogged about. I would love to hear your story too. Please keep it positive, I only talk about soap I like, I do not blog about soap that I do not like, or have concerns with. If it's not here, I either haven't tried it yet or It didn't make the cut.

Happy showers,

P.S. Please let the sellers know if you saw their soap here and was inspired to try one of their soaps. They keep track of how many people buy soap because I talked about it here.

Thanks !

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Scarfmonsters said...

Hahaha soap thief. This made me laugh.