Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Eucalyptus and Spearmint Soap with Kokum Butter

Here is a link to the soap Eucalyptus and Spearmint Natural Handmade Soap with Kokum Butter http://http//

I just finished this bar of soap. I love it a lot. It has a great scent that would work for both men and women. The scent isn't too strong, has a nice fresh scent to it and me skin was very soft and comfortable afterwards.

I love all of Carol's soaps, so it would be hard for me to say this a favorite of mine since all her soaps are favorites of mine, but it is definitely one that I would order again. My hubby even liked the smell. I had to remove the bar from his hands. I don't share :) He can smell the soap but if he wants to use it he will have to buy his own!

This bar of soap contains Eucalyptus and Spearmint essential oils, it is made by cold process . Also, avocado oil, olive, cocoa and kokum butter were used. Which makes it a great bar of soap for someone who likes a cool, refreshing wash with lots of healthy benefits to their skin. Lots of moisture, lots of lather, and smells great too.

What more could you ask for in a bar of soap?

Carol only uses high quality oils, butters, herbs, teas, mica's and ultramarine's in her cold process or hot process soaps, so you know that you are buying quality when you purchase from her.

Tempted to try it out for yourself? Here's the link to get you some great soap http://http// , this link will take you to her store, the link at the top will take you to the soap I was just talking about, providing it didn't sell already.
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